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Can Heat Alone Cause Rust?

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    I have a laptop which has never been exposed to water or liquids.
    But somehow I have rust where my processor's fan blows out the extremley hot air prior to over heating.

    Does any know why there would be rust. Does it have to be from a moisture.
    Can it be from over heating of materials causing element break down.

    Thanks for your replys
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    No, but heat and air can. Rust forms from a redox reaction when Iron specifically is oxidized to form a Iron Oxide. Remember, that with heat alone, Iron in its metal state cant donate electrons to anything. Oxygen must be present. Copper does something similar in which "red" copper corrodes or oxidizes to form a green copper oxide crust. BTW- heat simply speeds the reaction up.
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    What is overheating, the fan or the processor. If it's the processor, then it's time to get an new one or a new fan. Is it an AMD processor.

    Moisture would cause Fe alloys to corrode, particular standard carbon steels as opposed to stainless steels.

    Dissimilar metals in contact with each other or common electrolyte (water with ions) may produce galvanic corrosion in the metal, which is anodic (anode). The anode corrodes faster than it would if isolated.

    Are you sure that it is 'rust' or something that looks like rust?
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    seed : there's always enough moisture in the air to rust steel slowly. The heat only speeds up the reaction. Another (much smaller) factor that can affect the corrosion rate is vibrations from the fan itself. Is your fan noisy ? Is the rust forming on the inside of the case or somewhere else ?
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    I'm with Astronuc. You should first determine if it is rust.
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