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Can I create 'rejection'?

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    I am a newbie and was wanting to solve a pet problem. We have a household that enjoyed the pleasure of having two cats for about 7 years or so. The older cat is about 14 and the younger cat was about 8. Recently the younger cat died and within a month, my wife surprised both the older cat and myself, with a one year old cat.
    These two haven't been getting along from the start. I realize this may take more time (we are in our second full month of again having two cats), but I would like to not have them harm each other. Soooooooooo, I wondered if the possibility of 'magnetic collars' where even a concept worth trying to further consider.
    As you can tell by now, I'm a featherweight in deep science (so please don't laugh me to pieces). I just would feel this safer and less cruel than a 'shock collar'. I'm under the belief that the sheer weight would be too much for these creatures to carry.
    But I need someone's advice on the power of magnetics. Is this idea one for trying or one for the trash can?

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    It won't work, and the cats would just end up getting stuck to the nearest metal fixture and end up hurting themselves. Plus as you said, such a collar would be too heavy for a cat.

    Just give them time and they'll adjust.
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    The newcomer one-year-old cat is being ostracised and rejected by your original, long-time resident cat.
    I have known cats that displayed clearly jealous behavior. Additionally, cats sometimes act selfishly and can be extremely territorial. I predict the older cat will not easily accept the newcomer.
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    Thank you both....once again proving science wins over emotion!

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