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Can I do drugs and still do well?

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    I accidentally posted this in the engineering thread as well (sorry mods).

    I'm studying mechanical engineering (BEng) at City University, in London. I'm currently using methadone, GHB, IV cocaine, IV methamphetamine and cannabis on a regular basis (this isn't some sort of sick joke!).

    I was just wondering whether this will completely prevent me from finishing (and doing well in) my degree?

    Has anyone here been a complete drug addict and still achieved decent grades?
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    I'm positive it will prevent you from doing most anything. And watch out for that hospital...it's heading your way pretty rapidly.

    Are our opinions on this matter going to make a difference to your habit ? If a bunch of intelligent, educated and experienced people tell you that you are surely headed towards disaster, will that help you beat your addiction ? Or are you looking for some place where people might tell you that it's just perfectly alright to be doing coke and meth, and that it won't hurt your grades, much less your whole freakin life ?
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    Well, I believe that most intelligent, educated people are still likely to believe that drugs are more harmful than they actually are (drug propaganda). Did you know that the only drug I use that is neurotoxic is the meth? Cocaine is slightly cardiotoxic, but you get my point. I'm not really worried about my health, as I control my meth and coke use (I only use amphetamine-based substances as a study-aid, and the coke is only for recreation at the weekends).

    What I am worried about is the fact that I'm half asleep during lectures, as a result of my constant use of depressants. The methadone puts me in a nod, which makes concentrating difficult. I also worry about falling unconscious in lectures (GHB has a habit of making you 'G out', and this has happened three times before, where I've woken up in hospital a few hours later). Do you think getting to a level where I only use all the drugs in the evening (perhaps from 9:00 onwards) would allow me to do well? I'm a great fan of speed balls.

    I'm confused, as I personally know someone who uses psychedelics/dissosiatives (LSD, MDMA, pscilocyban i.e. shrooms, ketamine, DXM etc.), meth, coke and heroin regularly. He's in his third year of applied maths at Cambridge University. What's the secret?

    Maybe this post is poinless. Maybe you guys will just flame me and tell me I'm an idiot.
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    Flaming you would serve no purpose.

    I believe there are folks here that can tell you about the neurological and well as the pulmonary and cardiovascular effects of the drugs you are using. And there might be some that would speak from experience. Stick around to hear them out.
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    I'm well aware of the physical risks. I am obsessed with drugs and hence am more knowledgeable than most people. Drugs are my life.
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    Ban this guy he's just a troll.. he's obviously just trying to mess with us.
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    ^ I had a feeling someone would say that. Go to www.bluelight.nu, look at all my posts (same username) and tell me that I am not obsessed with drugs.

    Also, look at:


    http://www-gap.dcs.st-and.ac.uk/~hi...ians/Erdos.html [Broken]

    Maybe meth can help you study?
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    Paul Erdös (1913-1996), "the man who loved only numbers", was one of the most brilliant and prolific mathematicians of the twentieth century. Erdös spent much of his restless life on psychostimulants. As he once remarked, "A mathematician is a device for turning coffee into theorems."

    But Erdös liked stronger medicine too. After his mother's death in 1971, Erdös became quite depressed. His physician prescribed amphetamines. Erdös took Benzedrine or Ritalin almost every day for the last twenty five years of his life. Sometimes he took both.
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    The others are pretty bad, but methadone! that's even more additcive than heroin.

    Your almost ceratinly heading for diaster if you carry on that way.
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    C'mon most people when they are on speed are incapbale of being coherent, it might make you think quicker, but unfortuantely all that you think when you are on it is crap.
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    ^ Only if you get completely munted. Low doses will help you concentrate.
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    Speed isn't a good choice, but adderall and ritalin are perfect for studying.
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    Btw, I forgot to mention that I also use steroids (but that doesn't really count).
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    Bad_Boy_Blue, yes, you are obsessed with drugs. That's all part of the addiction process. I'm a neuroscientist, and as I've posted in other threads here, I work in a department with a number of people who do research on the neurological aspects of drug addiction. Dosing makes a difference as to how these drugs will act, as does patterns of use. Toxicity is only one concern when it comes to how these drugs affect the brain. Other effects include altered functions (some of which result in permanent changes), and reduced proliferation of new cells. GHB is a great unknown in the scientific literature. Its safety is greatly exagerrated because there simply aren't enough studies to have yet examined its deleterious effects.

    Anyway, right now, it doesn't matter what I tell you about the deleterious effects of drugs. You know they are bad for you. That's how we both know it's an addiction. You know they are bad for you, you know you are hooked on them, and you don't know how to stop. You are now grasping at straws, hoping someone will offer you justification for using the drugs, trying to justify it to yourself.

    There is also a difference between, for example, use of the stimulant in Ritalin, to compensate for a disorder to restore normal function, and the use of a stimulant in a normal, healthy person whose normal functioning is disrupted by use of the stimulant.

    When you refer to the other person you know regularly abusing drugs who is in his third year of a math major, things to consider are: how well is he doing in the major? He could be barely passing all his classes. How long has he been abusing? It may not have been long enough yet to have caught up with him on his cognitive abilities yet.

    There are higher functioning addicts, those who can still make it to work, do their job, then get high or drunk at the end of the day. This doesn't last forever.

    If you are still performing well in your classes, then get yourself into rehab before that goes downhill. Get that stuff out of your system before the damage becomes irreversible. Put yourself in rehab before the courts put you there. If you're finding yourself waking up in hospitals, you're already treading water; don't let them sink you completely.

    I wish you much luck and success in your struggle. Please don't wait to get help to kick the habit. You still have a bright future if you get those out of your system now, don't wait for the lights to dim before you realize there's a problem.
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    Of course you can,look how far GW Bush went. :wink:
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    I wouldn't be so much as worried about your studies as I would about your general health, especilly when mixing strong depressants with strong stimulants. This plays havoc on the heart muscles.
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    How scary; I've been using GHB on a constant basis for years (originally to boost GH levels, for bodybuilding purposes).

    I also use dozens of other drugs on a regular basis, such as anti-oestrogens, diuretics, anti-emetics (although cannabis does this job quite well), SNRI's (actually I've just successfully tapered off my Effexor prescripion). The drugs I listed are the tip of the iceberg.

    Life is too depressing for me to be able to bear life sober. The anxiolytic properties of GHB and opioids are very powerful. I have a feeling this is what is keeping me afloat (I was suicidal before I started using drugs). Physical withdrawals are not the problem (as you can imagine).
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    Isn't that self-contradictory? Wouldn't smarter, more educated people be less likely to be swayed by propaganda?

    I also see this as an attempt to justify to yourself that which you already intellectually know is hurting you.
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    The conditioning of my heart is far superior to the average person's. I am a bodybuilder (that doesn't just use resistance exercises). I'd say my BF percentage (at the moment) is the main health problem.

    With the use of amphetamine-based susbstances and beta-2 receptor agonists (cocaine, clenbuterol etc.), my body fat percentage has fallen to approximately 5-6%. You have no idea how much of a turn off women find this. They find the veins repulsive.
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    Theoretically yes, but in reality, no.
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