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Can I do Engineering and Physics? How?

  1. May 20, 2012 #1
    Hi I have a real problem and a lot of questions. Here goes...

    Can I do Engineering and Physics?

    I already know there is engineering physics (or applied physics) but I here it's somewhere in between. Here are the fields Im interested in: Theoretical physics, engineering physics, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering.

    I hear that EP involves both ME and EE. Is this true? or is it just minimal and not in depth?

    If I get a degree in engineering physics will I have the job opportunities as a ME or EE will have? People tell me that I can be an aerospace engineer with an EP degree or a ME degree.

    My main goal is to go on and get my doctorate in physics. Could I get a degree in engineering and then go on to do physics? I have also heard that it's easier to switch from physics to engineering because you're already familiar with most of the math and concepts. Again, is this true? What about switching from engineering into physics?

    How would I go about this? Should I go to school for engineering, do the first introductory year, declare my major (EP, ME, EE), and after three more years go on to do a Ph.D. and/or masters? Even though it's easier to go from physics to engineering?

    Speaking of that, how can you skip your masters and go onto your Ph.D.?

    Also, What are some good schools for this? I was thinking about the EngSci program at U of T considering it really teaches you about every field (I live around Toronto)

    Is there anybody who has done this? anybody who has gone into both physics and engineering?

    Thank you so much everybody!!

    P.S. for what it's worth, I'm a grade 11 student doing AP physics and calc next year.
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