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Can i extend my undergraduate years to get a double degree?

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    My country is 3 year undergraduate system. I think i am not able to get a double degree in math and physics in 3 years. The credits are not enough though i took 6-7 courses per semester. Normal workload is 5 courses per semester and i think a QM should be much more time-wasting than other subject's courses. However, i do not want to graduate with a mathematical physics degree; i want a double.
    My professor said my university is public university and the tuition fee is cheap so i CANNOT stay for an extra year for any personal purpose. Are there any alternative methods which can break the university policies and extend my undergrad years to 4 years(Intentionally not take core courses so that i cannot graduate?/Pretending i am sick?)
    My health is deterioring because of the extreme workload;actually i am quite worried about my kidney health.
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