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Can i get a job?

  1. Jan 20, 2014 #1
    let me start out with some back ground information, I used to have a bit of knowledge of EE and programing but became schizo and lost most of it. it took a while but now I realize i'll never be able to do the things I used too. but I've been getting back into programming (just vb.net so far trying to interface it to sql) and I realized that I still have most of this info in my head so I thought about trying to get an mcse and work under the table for someone. I only want to make an extra 10k a year so my question is would anyone hire me?

    it took me ten years of wasted time (and this site) to realize that what I wanted was a BS in applied math, a BS in CS and a MS in EE but now i'm to dumbed down to get those degrees so I have to use what I already know, I tried teaching myself the math but have had a hard time comprehending it (like how to use a limit on an integral? I think rofl,) i'll get back to it in the future just right now it's to dry and not clearly explained.

    I know (or used to) debian Linux, openbsd, some windows internals, networking at the datagram level and a little programming. I can read schematics and build circuits but I was never much good with the math. my last job was as a graphics designer using photoshop all day, and I can set up apache and other unix programs, I can write html and if I have to (have to look it up to remind me, not saying i'm any good thou) html, javascript. can at least do hello world in c,c++,perl,vb,python.

    I also know things like how processors work at the gate level and can make a flip-flop from transistors if I have too.

    so I know a little bit about computers, is it enough to make money at though? I only want an extra 10k a year under the table. i'm looking for a low stress job that's easy like building computers or something. how realistic is this?
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    Maybe you should complete your formation with an easy to get diploma. I think you should also avoid saying you are schizo, it's not the kind of thing the society wants to hear, even if your psychiatrist encourages you to not be ashamed of it. I know people who lost a lot of abilities with neuroleptics, but with work, they recovered most of them. Only they are too discouraged and are afraid they could break down again if they work too much.
    Science as a whole prefers to not deal too much with so called unhealthy brains even if most of the geniuses weren't really sane. Maybe you could turn just mechanics, I hope you will find something you like, let me know.
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