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Can I get some class advice?

  1. Mar 9, 2013 #1
    For Mechanical Engineering, I'm thinking about my summer class schedule, enrollment opens soon. I am almost certainly taking Statics, and am considering Physics II.

    My hesitation is that I could delay Physics II until the Fall semester and just focus on Statics this summer. This would also allow more time to study Physics instead of compressing the class to eight weeks. The only problem with that is one class I will be taking in the Fall (Introduction to Electrical Science) has Physics II as a prerequisite. Does anyone know if taking Physics II and Intro. to Electrical Science concurrently is doable? Bad idea?

    Here are the course descriptions from the catalog:

    Physics II
    A continuation of Physics I dealing with magnetism, electricity, and light. (Prerequisites: Physics I and Calculus II)

    Introduction to Electrical Science
    Elements of electrical engineering; AC and DC Circuits, mesh and nodal formulation of network equations, steady-state response to sinusoids and step function, energy, power, power factor, Thevenin and Norton analysis, Laplace transforms. Introduction to PSPICE. (Prerequisites: Physics II and Calculus II)

    Additional note: I have had a semester of both "AC & DC Circuit Analysis" so I have had some experience with at least electrical circuits, neither of these classes were Calculus based, however AC Circuits was a pretty challenging class.

    My Fall semester, with Physics II as a possibility also includes:
    Introduction to Electrical Science
    Calculus III (multivariable / vector calculus)
    Elementary Dynamics
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    See, this is exactly the type of question that you should be asking your Academic Advisor. I mean, practically all of us here have no clue on the nature of these classes since they are specific to your school. Your advisor does! He/she also has information on your ability and grades so far and can figure out what you can and cannot handle.

    You should also keep in mind that a summer session is a semester compressed into just a few weeks! Do you really want to take more than one classes during the summer? Can you handle the intensive workload?

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    You should talk to the person who will be teaching Intro to Electrical Science, or at least someone who has taught it before. At the college where I work, the registration system won't let you register yourself for a course if you don't have all the official prerequisites. You have to get permission from the instructor, and the instructor has to e-mail the registrar and ask her to add the student to the class "by hand", overriding the prerequisite.
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    Thanks, I do plan to speak with the instructor in the coming week if possible. I was hoping someone possibly had an idea of how much from Physics II might be needed given the course description of Electrical Science, but you're right, I don't expect anyone to know exactly what this one course at one college is made of, was just open to opinions.
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