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Can i pull this off?

  1. Oct 3, 2008 #1
    *despite the current economic situation*

    im trying my hardest to transfer out in a year. definitely OUT of state, i reside in new jersey. i need a car and im quite dead set on a certain one. to be specific, a jazz blue 20th anniversary VW gti. but, the problem is the fact that i simply dont have the funds for it. i was wondering if i can tack it on to college loans some how but at the rate the economy is going i wont even be able to take out a educational loan. but, here are some options i have that can help...

    1, dont go to NYU, BostonU, U miami or any other ridiculously expensive school until grad school.

    2, i have a 2006 kawasaki zx636 motorcycle that i need to get rid of, it has only 1000 miles on it so ill get pretty good money for it despite some minor cosmetic damage.

    3, i can donate a testicle or something ridiculous that the general populous would shun and frown down upon.

    if anyone has any information that i can use it would be tremendous! im still young and learning so my thinking could, well, probably is flawed.

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    Why? If you need a car, then you would be happy to settle with anything so long as it got you from A to B. It seems to me that you want a car. That's fair enough, but think pretty carefully about whether you really want to be borrowing more money to pay for something you really can't afford whilst you're in school.
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    Stick with the bike. Its cheaper, carves through traffic and goes like stink.
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    I've always liked motorcycles, but having recently read a paper which calculates per-trip accident rates for many forms of transportation I saw that motorcycles had a rate 100 times higher than passenger cars. I imagine that per-mile statistics are worse (cars are more common for long trips) and that per-trip fatal accidents are worse (car accidents being less deadly).

    Just something to think about...

    On that topic: does anyone have comparative insurance rates for the two? I'm not even sure which is cheaper.
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    yeah, i know. but, its a ticket magnet. when i first got it, close to three years ago i ran into A LOT of problems. hers a cliff-notes version:

    the dealer sent the bike to my house without my insurance or registration. i had a bike with no tags sitting in my drive way. a cop strolls up to me and gives me two tickets; one for no insurance and one for no registration. i figured id just go in and pay the fines, what ever. called the dealer and asked for the proof of insurance and registration and the said they had sent it to me and they cant send it again. me; young and dumb, not really knowing what kind of trouble i was in went to court with my friend only to find out that in the state of new jersey a no insurance ticket would suspend my license for a year. so, i had my license for a grand total of three months before it was taken away. and, i couldnt even drive it yet. my parents had the keys because they knew id take it out since i learned to ride on a 50cc at the age of five and been riding ever since.

    back to the car; what good is the bike going to do me when its cold, raining or snowing? very little. i cant get a girl in the back seat of my bike either. im at a loss!
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    im paying 54 dollars a month for year-round, full-coverage with progressive.
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    Everyone knows that motorcycles are more dangerous than cars. Its a risk a motorcycle rider accepts when they get on the bike.

    I'd hardly call it a ticket magnet for an incident that was out of your control, but then I guess its up to you. For the wet you can invest in some wet weather riding gear. For the snow, go somewhere there isn't any. :smile:
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    leathers are year round life savers :) and that my plan, to go where there isnt any snow. grad school will definitely be in cali... as an undergrad im going to try to get as close to there as possible. id rather have a car though
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    The used car market in the UK is screwed at the moment; it's great if you're buying and horrendous if you're selling. I assume that current economics dictate that a similar thing is happening in the US.

    I wouldn't ever advise buying a car you can't afford though. Why not pick up a 20 year old Golf GTI instead, a good bit cheaper and much more fun!
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    You're not trying hard enough. I saw how to do it in a magazine once, but I forget the name of it.
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