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Can I qualify for Physics PhD?

  1. Jul 31, 2014 #1
    can I make myself eligible for pursuing Ph.D if I compltee graduation and Masters from some distance course...
    Currently I am in India
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    I'm not sure how getting a master through distance education would look on potential Ph.D. applications. Generally, if it can be avoided, and you can do a M.S. at a B&M institution with a good reputation, I would advise doing that.
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    thank you :)
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    Usually in the U.S. the Masters and PhD are not split and most don't even get a Masters (unless they decide they are not going to continue on, some manage to nab a Masters and then leave). It's basically one program. The online Masters (and I'm not sure there is such a thing for physics) won't count for anything, you'll start fresh at the PhD program and still have to take all the intro course and take the qualification exams after the first year or two.
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