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Can I send Fax over LAN ?

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    My notebook is connected to LAN, I tried to send fax over LAN, but couldn't!
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    Thanks for the info. Care to elaborate?
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    Ya, do you actually have a fax machine, or are you just trying to send it through software?

    I know yahoo has (had) a thing with its mail that allowed you to fax things, never used it myself. I think there some software in windows to help you out.
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    in windows XP there is a Fax software bundled together with the OS, with dial up modem, i can use it to send fax. But i can't do it when my PC is connected to internet via LAN.

    Do you understand me ?
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    That's because when you use your modem in your laptop to send a fax, it's not dialing into the internet. It's pretending to be a regular fax machine and is just dialing the fax number directly.

    If you want to send a fax over your LAN connection to the internet, you have to find an internet fax service.

    All in all, it's much easier to just find a phone line to send a fax from your computer.
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    thanks, i know what to do now
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    Saint, for future reference, please be more specific in your questions. Your first post gave me abosolutely nothing to work on. It was like saying I have a problem, how do fix it. You don't give any background information, what OS your using, what you actually tried, etc. In your second post you were clear in what you tried and made it easy for someone to answer your question. Please keep this in mind the next time you have a question.
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