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Homework Help: Can i simplify this?

  1. Aug 23, 2006 #1
    can i put together two different things which have the same power?

    for eg: (2x+3)^(3/2) + (4/2x)^(3/2)

    can i do anything to simplify?

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    Not really, no. The fact that both terms are raised to the same power is inconsequential; the bases are what matter.. In this case, the bases are different, so they cannot readily be simplified.

    - Warren
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    what chroot said. one thing that i would add is that, whether the powers were identical or not, if they are integer powers (and low enough that you can actually deal with it), you can expand (multiply out) each of the left and right term and then see if you can add up terms of x with identical powers.

    but the expression you have above cannot be simplified.

    suggestion: try to learn to use LaTeX on this forum. it's very handy.
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