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Can I Vent in Here?

  1. Jul 28, 2004 #1
    [yelling into a bullhorn]
    Not all of einstein’s theories are correct!
    Now, let’s move on, shall we?!

    I really feel as if the scientific community’s creativity is being held back by the theories of one person. I think it’s time to forget Einstein’s somewhat flawed theories and start from scratch - this time with quantum mechanics involved.

    Comments, suggestions, flames? :)
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    Tom Mattson

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    Well, since we're venting...

    Yeah, this is a dumb idea. First of all, what do you mean, "This time with quantum mechanics involved...?" Just what do you think physicists have been doing for the last nine decades? The progression from Newton has gone from QM to relativistic QM (which is more accurate than QM, by the way) to QFT (which also uses SR, by the way).

    Relativity is here to stay. Why do you think that is? Because it's wrong, but we like it anyway? No, it's here to stay because it works.
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    Why is Einstein wrong? Or are you just want to argue with people just for the sake of disargeeing and making other people mad? You got anything other to say? Any proof? Any reason why you don't like Einstein? How is he holding us back? Well?
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    A better way to put it might be to leave space for questioning/experimenting rather than always take modern physics beliefs for granted?
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    I don't recall any of us being held back by the theories of one man. It's just that we haven't found any solid and acceptable proof to tell us that he's wrong.
    Perhaps you should tell us how Einstein was wrong, before we start working another new theory from scratch?
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    I don't see where anyone has taken anything for granted. Scientists explore every conceivable means to invalidate new theories. They test every twist and turn in every argument. The reason QM and GR are still 'popular' is because they have passed every test designed to invalidate them. They are not complete, most everyone would agree with that. But, they work and are the best we have until proven otherwise. QM and GR have not yet been reconciled. That is no reason to discard either of them. I think a few tweaks can fix that without blowing either theory out of the water.
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    I have heard Christian Crackpot Theories that hinge upon "God does not play dice..."

    I think it's important to understand where Einstein was correct - which includes nearly everything he proposed in SR & GR - and where he may have been wrong. Einstein has come to symbolize "genius and unlimited wisdom" to the common man, to the extent that people will not accept that he is fallible.

    "If this is what Einstein said, it can't be wrong !" Unfortunately, you end up hearing this line more in the context of Determinism than in the context of Relativity.
  9. Jul 29, 2004 #8
    The problem is that you aren't forgetting them, or him.

    Here's a tale you may take a moral out of:

    Two monks, hindu and buddhist, were walking together in the countryside. They arrived at a river where a young (and not uncomely) woman was waiting. She pleaded with the two men that she be carried across the river, because it looked deep and she was afraid. The hindu backed away from the woman in fear of being corrupted. The buddhist with no hesitation put the woman on his shoulders and proceeded to cross the river. The hindu was flabbergasted but followed behind the two at some distance. After the woman was set down on the opposite shore of the river, the two monks continued on their way in silence. Finally the hindu could stand it no longer. "Why did you carry that woman? You know that we monks aren't supposed to touch women!!" The buddhist quietly replied "Put her down! I did an hour ago." :wink:
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