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Can it be done?

  1. Jan 25, 2009 #1
    :surprised:man you gotta see it to believe it.
    http://stb.st.funpic.de/solranking/vids/morak_7_300.avi [Broken]
    http://stb.st.funpic.de/solranking/ [Broken]
    i was soo happy i clocked 79 seconds to over 10,000 points in solitaire & checked net to compare my incredible achievement. darn it , you niklas &^#%&(see the record holder for standard solitaire XP). the guy did it in 7 seconds & over 100,000 points. now hold on, i am a bit skeptic about this, how is it possible? I dont think I can even go through all the cards in 7 seconds, the clip above seems to be fast forwarded. how can someone see, think, decide, send a signal to hand(how much time does that take?:uhh:), move the pointer to the right card, take it to the right position n bang, and repeat it 52 times!!

    Do you play solitaire? whats your max?
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