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Can not find server

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    For instance, i am browsing PFs and want to go to google, i go to favoites
    and click on google, after a while, server can not be found comes up, the
    same for Wikipedia, yet if i try a few minutes later all is ok, this only seems to happen when useing firefox, and it happens to many times for there to be
    a server problem. My computer tells me i am connect, Wireless at 50 or some thing mb.
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    I haven't come across that problem before. The issue must be with your network.
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    I'd say it's your ISP. I have the same problem every so often...quite annoying, yeah?:frown: Try clearing your history, your cookies, and your files...checking for spyware and viruses...and running your disk defragmenter every so often to keep things clean. If that doesn't help the problem, try disconnecting your line from the wall or your computer and then reconnecting. If that doesn't work, you'll have to wait until whatever is wrong with your dial-up fixes itself.

    There is also the possibility of noise...if your line is old there could be noise interrupting your ISP connection. Someone once told me that so don't ask me to further elaborate, I'll only confuse the both of us.:rofl:
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    This can happen randomly for me, but if I refresh or restart the browser everything is fine again.
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    Like I said, it happens to me as well but if your computer is, unlike mine, rather new/in good shape, what Greg suggested should be just fine. I'm just used to going through all of that to get mine back up and running.:rofl:
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    Thanks guys for your help, this problem was really annoying, switching
    every thing off and restarting every half hour or so.
    I installed the google web accelerator totaly not connected with my
    problem, i thought, but i have not had the problem since :eek:
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