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Can Photo Effect?

  1. Jul 11, 2006 #1

    We may interact with any live person by its emitted, transmited, reflected spectrum or otherwise and get effects?

    We can't think about emission and transmission of emited radiations in consideration to this topic subject. So we now left about reflected spectrum--shape. colours etc.


    Can a photo of somewhat true colour and spectrum effect us alike a live person?

    We may get some psychlogical emotional effects but these are also "getting effect" by looking and recognizing a photo. We also interact and get effects by interacting with "Black & White" photo.

    Similarily, we can also think about, origional/live structures for their effects by reflection spectrum.

    So pls guide me accordingly.

    Best wishes.
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    Only in the sense that our eyes are stimulated by the photons emanating from a person, or animal, or object. Then that information is passed to the brain - and the brain thinks about it (neurochemical reaction).

    If a person is nearby, but not seen (not observed) then there is no discernible effect. Of course, this ignores thermal, chemical and acoustical effects.
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    Usually, people looking at photo are close enough. Yes, photo effect ignores thermal, chemical and acoustical effects but still how much spectral lines from photo or from any substance as distance can effect? We may also get some effects by absorption across the skin of wavlenght not reflected.

    Somewhere, colour/sunrays/photo therapies are indicated. It is also indicated that low stimuli can encourage physiolo0gical activities whereas strong one can discourage these.
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