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Can premuim members view my e-mail address?

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    Hi, I have a concern about my privacy whether the premium mebers of this forum can view my e-mail address. :frown: Does anyone know?
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    Yes, since you've specified your instant messager name. You can change your user set-up at the top of the page (User CP).
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    :blushing: No, I mean the e-mail address with which I registered.
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    No, not that one: you have specified that you do not wish to receive emails :smile:
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    No. No one can see your e-mail address, not even if you agree to let others e-mail you.*see below

    But remember this:
    If you e-mail a member, that member will receive the e-mail address you registered with on that e-mail. You will get a notice warning you of this before you send the e-mail. *If you receive an e-mail from a member and you reply, your real e-mail address will be sent to them as the "from" information.
    But no one can view this information from PF.
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    Yep the premium members get everything. They have your social security number (if you live in the US), they know where you and your family live, they know all; so if I were you, I would not mess around with them premium members.

    *bows down and kisses the feet of premium members*
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