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Can Radio Signals be Assembled From Incomplete Parts or Signatures?

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    Hi all! I have been goofing around with antennas and wi fi radio equipment. Now I have a million questions about radio waves. I was wondering if signals could be improved by interpolating them through other signals, the earth, ground, trees, etc... Can a signal that is obliterated by objects, or other signals be reconstituted by intercepting pieces of that signal? How is the EM energy dissapated in the real world? Does it disperse? How much is absorbed or converted into heat, light, etc...? As a signal is propagated, it would eventully be absorbed or nullified. What are the primary sources of this loss? I was wondering if antennas could be used to take the emssions from say a tree, or particles in the air, and then those signals could be interpolated with the help of a database of those objects. Maybe even exact measurements of the radio emissions from objects could be loaded into a data base. It seems a little crazy. I guess a simple experiment would be to send a signal to a tree, and then measure it. The frequency of 2400 MHz going around a tree or being absorbed would be measured. Other frequencies would be emitted by the tree also wouldn't they? OK, it's a little crazy.
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