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Can Rahul Dravid prove himself as a captain?

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    Hello friends, there is something to talk about The Indian Oil Cup (ODI Tri Series) starting on the 30th of July. After a long gap India will be on the cricket pitch again facing the Lankans and the in-form Windies in the three nation ODI tournament starting on July 30th .Sri Lanka has never been a happy hunting ground for either India or the Windies as both of them lag behind the hosts on its homeground. In Sri Lanka, India has won only 9 out of 30 ODIs played and Windies managed to win 2 out of 7 played between them and the Lankans.The hosts will definitely hold the upper hand in the beginning of the Tri Series but both India and West Indies will be giving them the toughest fight possible with the likes of Sehwag, Ganguly, Dravid. I got the latest of informations from a site named http://cricket.123india.com/SERIES/TRISERIES2005/ [Broken] . Chanderpaul and his pretty young and inexperienced team is ready to set the ground on fire. It is an eagerly awaited series and possibly sets the tune for the three teams for the long cricket season ahead. Though Sachin Tendulkar is not playing in this series I’ll go for the Indians to clinch this series.
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