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Can somebody explain the difference between monotone and continuous

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    I don't entirely understand what is meant by monotonicity.

    This is my situation: I am in precalc, (never taken it before), and we just did a lesson on on "conintuity, end behavior and monotonicity".
    I was absent on this day, and I've been reading the lesson on my own. I understand continuity fairly well, I'm on the borderline between understanding and not for end behavior and I do not understand monotonicity. Now what don't I understand about monotonicity? I see that its just a method of understanding which way a graph increases from left to right, but then I end up getting it confused with continuity. That is, I don't see the difference between the two.
    So, someone please explain everything they know about continuity and all others listed above simply. We have not gotten to limits yet, however, my teacher has it slightly incorperated into the lesson.

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