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Can someone check out this pseudoscientist?

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    Elliot McGrucken has been posting all over Facebook with claims that he has developed a TOE.

    I called BS and pointed out the flaws in his theory, but he said my comments were defamatory and libelous, and made it seem like he'd do something legal, so I backed off.

    I'm positive he's full of ****, but for some reason he doesn't show up anywhere in a negative context. He's only in articles (probably his own) that praise his work, but I don't think that I'm the first person to realize this guy is BSing. Is there some reason no one has called this fraud out?
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    1, There are an infinite number of idiots on facebook
    2, Nobody cares
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    Ivan Seeking

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    We don't debunk theories here. We rely on the peer-review and publication process for that.

    There is no need to "debunk" a TOE until it gets published in an appropriate journal. Until then, for our purposes, it is just more noise.
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