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Can Someone Explain The Stereo Ahead Blue Sphere Anomaly?

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    When you look at the original video, it is clearly a camera artifact.
    The sphere itself occurs in a section of the video with open space behind it. But it occurs concurrently with video disturbances on sections of the frame with the "C3" marking and the solar panel.

    Articles that show the sphere without showing the full scene are being deliberately deceptive.
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    so is it a reflection of the sun?
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    jim mcnamara

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    The UFO believers are involved in this. Moved to General Discussion. @.Scott is correct.
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    Perhaps. The affect of the solar panel image resembles a reflection. But it could be also some sort of data transmission error.

    Edit - OK. Per @Bandersnatch post, it is a data error.
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    thankyou for your responses
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