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Can someone explain this HV transformer?

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    About the transformer.

    The transformer has one primary winding and 2 secondary windings. Between the two secondary windings there is a diode.

    The transformer has an E I core (electrical steel) with no gaps in it.
    The coils are all in aiding configurations and have a high inductance and a high distributed capacitance. The leakage inductance is minimized.

    The transformer is meant to produce high voltage + pulses across a low impedance load. It is short circuit current limited to less than 1mA with an output voltage of 30kV.

    The description of the transformer also claims that one of the secondary coils (the one after the diode, nearest the load) operates at it's self resonant frequency. This would make it a tank circuit able to limit short circuit current. And from the description it shows that the output frequency is double the input frequency. It is claimed that the input duty cycle is adjusted so the output pulses mesh together to produce a constant voltage across the load. The description claims that the first secondary coil collapses and goes back to 0V but the self resonant inductor holds the voltage constant, perhaps this is where the constant voltage across the load comes from?

    It seems to me that it may be some type of flyback, but flybacks usually have low inductance (this one has a secondary coil inductance of about 10 henries). Also flybacks usually have a gap in the core, this one has none, and flyabcks usually have ferrite cores, this one has an electrical steel core.

    Can anyone explain to me how this transformer might work, or what type of transformer it is, and how it generates such high voltages?
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