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Can someone help me finish up an educational web page?

  1. Jun 3, 2004 #1
    I really need help finishing up my web page for the Texas Teachers Home Schoolers. The page is 90% complete, I just can't remember HOW to put on the hyperlinks to PayPal, and how to make up a one room forum discussion room. (Did I say that right?) Thanks, ~Werdas
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    Hyperlinks to PayPal? Do you have the site address you want them to go to? (Like www.paypal.com/youraccount?) If so then I'd assume you'd just put it as a normal link. Or is it different somehow?

    The only forum's I know about are ones that have to be installed such as YABBSE. You usually just follow installation directions on a site. I don't know how to make personalized forums from scratch.
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