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Homework Help: Can someone help me on Transitional Equlibrium?

  1. Oct 4, 2009 #1
    1.A 20.0 kg sack of potatoes is suspended
    by a rope. A man pushes sideways with
    a force of 50.0 N. What is the tension in
    the rope?

    2. A high wire is 25.0 m long and sags 1.0
    m when a 50.0 kg tightrope walker stands
    in the middle. What is the tension in the
    wire? Is it possible to apply enough tension
    in the wire to eliminate the sag completely? Explain.

    3.A sign with a mass of 1653.7 kg is supported
    by a boom and a cable. The cable
    makes an angle of 36o with the boom.
    Find the tension in the boom and the cable.

    So guys I need help in those 3 questions, I have attempted to solve them, but failed to do so, I dont want to put it, because the way is wrong.

    I know is that

    F in x direction =0
    F in y direction =0
    T2-T1 =T

    hope you can give me a solution to one or two of them explaining it fully.
    and all my regards on this forum,
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