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Homework Help: Can someone help me redraw this circuit.

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    man im not good at doing these circuits.. i do think i have it right however i want to be reassured before i drive this info into my head..


    thanks guys.. basically redrawing it so you can see what is parallel and in series..
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    its asking for a password and username
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    yep, that looks right. circuits are a snap with a little bit of practice.
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    OKay i got the right answer but now it is asking for the current through resistor 5. the current through resistor 6 is 1.64 mA.

    then for b it wants the potential difference between point a and b.
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    You've got current through resistor 6. Then use current divider rule to get the current through resistor 5 (using R5 and Req3).
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