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Can someone help me solve 320+(x*y)=x*z

  1. Oct 25, 2007 #1
    i'm going an analysis for work, but at stuck at this point. it's been a while since i took math or really used it to this extent. i need to know what the equation would look like in order to solve at what x will both sides be equal. need to put it in as an excel formula. thanks all help is greatly appreciated.
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    Do you have access to a Mac? Its 3D 'grapher' program will show you what this looks like in an instant.
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    thanks. that really helped. and unfortunately i don't have a mac.
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    solve? meaning what?
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    I'm going to take a guess here (because it makes the problem a little more interesting) and assume that x, y and z have to be integer positive numbers? In which case look at it like this:

    320/x + y = z

    Now if y and z are an integer, that means 320/x has to be, so what are the only possible values of x?

    While you can determine the possible values of x, you can only determine a linear (with constant) relationship between y and z, not unless there is some sort of other restriction on the problem.
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    Yes it makes it more interesting but I'm pretty sure that the OP wanted nothing more than to make x the subject of the formula. :)

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