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Medical Can someone help me?

  1. Jun 8, 2007 #1
    can someone help me???

    im not sure if anyone has ever heard of this but

    it feels like im detached kinda
    like im watching life as a movie
    its very strange
    a little freaky
    been happening since i was 13 but almost went away entirely till i had a concussion. now its back.
    anyone ever heard of this??
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    no. ive thought about it. but i dont think theres anything they can do
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    the hospital doctor brushed it off like it was no big deal."its normal to feel strange after a concussion."
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    A recent study indicated that people who suffer 3 concussions are 3 times more likely to suffer from major depression at some point in their lives.

    In general, brain damage brings out the more negative side of humanity. Fortunately, our brains can heal themselves to a certain degree. Your symptoms may well dissipate with time.
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    See a doctor!!

    The symptoms which you described suggest damage to your cerebellum, or rather the coordination centre of your brain (I'm no expert at neurological disorders, so don't go by me). The best thing to do would be to see a neurologist, or just go to your local medical practice.
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    Hey, i feel the almost that way. I am depressed for almost 2 days after i get an attack of cluster headache. I have told my doc this and he said that he has observed this in others too.
    I feel like everything, everyperson i am seeing is new, when in fact they are very familiar.
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    Hi, Im hoping some one can help me?

    It all started when i was about 13 years old, when i was out hanging around as you do and fell so hard backwards on to concrete that as i had hit the floor so fast i received what felt like a bolt of electricity up my spine and into the back of my head. The day after i started getting what i can only explain its as deja vu.. It started happening upto 10 times a day and the symptoms explained as good as possible were, a sudden race in my heartbeats, pale white face almost green, an overwhelming feeling of nausea whilst water sprays are starting up in my mouth to make me feel sick, at the same time it makes me feel like i need to go the loo for both :eek:( all whilst my mind is feeling like i have been here before, however i have had simple deja vu which lasts seconds before so i know it feels different to what i get now. I can be sat watching tv and all of a sudden everthing around me starts blurring a little but i can still talk but slower than usual. I become very hot in tempreture and feel like i could vomit and go to the loo for both all in one go, this episode can last approx 5 to 7 mins leaving me feeling very disturbed yet giddy at the same time. I hate it yet i find my self on the deja vu days trying to look at things to set it off again. It is very hard to explain as i can understand it sounds so strange. I am not a believer in ghosts,supernatutral nor do i drink or take drugs ever which leads me to belive it has to be something to do with the accident where i banged my head hard from the back. I have spoke to my doctor about this and he slightly overlooked and ignored my ongoing explaination , whilst writing a perscription for anti depressants. I do not suffer depression so i know that this isnt the case and i explained this also to my doctor but he would not listen, infact he looked at me as if i was off my head and infact om quite the oppsite in that i am more sain than some i know. I had about 2 years of the deja vu's before my little boy was born, i seemed to get some peace from these episodes for about a year and then they came back as normal and i get them for one day sometimes overlapps to the next day depending when it started in the first day. They are usualy a week before my period leaving me to wonder if it is just a hormonal imbalance, however I have not found anyone to talk to with the same problem nor have i had an explaination from my doctor.
    I can wake up during the night with the deja vu episodes also, they are strong feelings which after a few a day i start feeling like my brain is fried with all the acctivity and then i develop my headache. On these days when i am having the episodes, my stomach feels a little tender and my appettite is completely gone. If i force something to eat and the deja vu comes over me, the food in my mouth has no taste and my reflects want it out!
    I sometimes can be sitting talking to my mam or friends and feel like ive done it before exact to what is happening there and then and i have also saw whats going to happen next on tv or out and about and 9 out of 10 it does and when im right it makes me feel even more sick and i talk to myslef in my head saying "no not again" i dont belive in anything special other than chemicals playing games.. but clever ones as i can be spot on with whats coming next. Sometimes what i feel whilst having the deja vu is that i have done all these things in my dreams,and then it brings back memories of people i met in my dreams but that cant be right because they are on tv talking as im having the episodes.. very odd??? I would realy appreciate any info or for some one to shed some light and tell me im not a mad women.
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    How many doctors have you seen so far? Are they supposed to be experts in their field?
    I don't have a clue about brain sciences n all, but it seems to me your brain goes into some kind of loop when it encounters something vaguely similar that might have occurred in the past. Could certainly be something to do with the spinal injury. Have you consulted a neurologist regarding the accident?
    You do seem desperate and depressed, as might be expected having dealt with this condition for such a long period. However all the anxiety and stress could well aggravate the situation.

    My advice to you would be to get specialist aid as soon as possible.
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    If you have only seen one doctor in all these years, it's time to seek a second opinion, possibly get a referral to a neurologist.
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