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Homework Help: Can someone just lead me in the right direction please

  1. Oct 5, 2005 #1
    1. A football is kicked with an initial speed of 22m/s at some angle above the horizontal. It travels 45 meters horizontally before hitting the ground.
    a. At what angle was the ball initially kicked?
    b. How long does it stay in the air?
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    Split the 22m/s into vertical ( Vy = 22*sin theta) and horizontal components
    (Vx =22*Cos theta). Now use the fact that Vy at the highest pt is 0.(use 0 = 22 sin theta - 9.8*t1).
    also since motion in the horizontal direction is uniform motion
    45 = 22 Cos theta / t.
    Also the time taken to reach the highest pt. is half the time taken to reach the ground. ==> t = 2*t1.
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