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Can someone look this over and see if im doing it right

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    20. A rectangular swimming pool is to be built with an area of 1800 square feet. The owner wants 5-foot wide decks along either side and 10-foot wide decks at the two ends. Find the dimensions of the smallest piece of property on which the pool can be built satisfying these conditions.
    the answer i got was 4086.46sqft I will attach my work. I think i might finally be getting somewhere here

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    Let's say the pool is 90 feet by 20 feet, and, including the deck it ends up being 100 by 40 feet. That puts everything into an area of 4000 square feet. Clearly 4086 is not minimum.
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    back to the drawing board.
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    back to the drawing board. was anything on there ok or shold it all be scrapped?
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    I actually just may have it this time. I think i made an calculation error when i took the sq root of 1800/20. this time i have imensions of 40*20=3200 boy i hope its right this time.
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    Would you be able to show me the work(calculations) for solving this problem? The images for your work was blurry and hard to make clear.
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    This is a really old thread back from 2005. Secondly you have to show your work before others can help you.
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