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I Can someone please help me with this question on mag fields?

  1. Apr 20, 2016 #1
    What statement about magnetic fields interacting with a moving charge is correct?
    A) Magnetic fields can’t change the direction of motion of a moving charge.
    B) Magnetic fields can do work on a moving charge.
    C) Magnetic fields can accelerate a moving charge.
    D) The force on a moving charge in a magnetic field can be in the direction of the magnetic field.
    E) Magnetic fields can increase or decrease the kinetic energy of a moving charge.
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    You should be able to identify the correct ones from the following famous formulas:
    ## \vec F=m \vec a ##
    ## \vec F_{Lorentz}=q(\vec E+\vec v \times \vec B) ##
    ## W=\int_{P1}^{P2} \vec F \cdot \vec{ds} ##
    ## W=KE_2-KE_1 ##
    ## KE=\frac 1 2 m |\vec v|^2 ##
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    Not to sound ungrateful, but can you please just tell me the answer?
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    That's not how things work in this forum.
    People who ask questions, should show at least a bit of effort.
    Start thinking about it and try to find out exactly what it is that you don't understand clearly and ask it here. People will be happy to help.
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    This thread should have been posted in a homework forum with an attempt at a solution.

    Thread closed.
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