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Can someone please help?

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    I have this problem to do for homework for my physics class and I don't even know where to start! Could someone try to give me clues?

    The problem is:

    A pilot flies horizontally at 1300 km/h, at height h= 35 m above initially level ground. However, at time t = 0, the pilot begins to fly over ground sloping upward at angle theta = 4.3 degrees. If the pilot does not change the airplane's heading, at what time t does the plane strike the ground?

    thank you so much!
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    Try to find a way to relate the angle to distance and height.
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    That's what I did for the problem. I used the tan (4.3 degress) = 35m/x. Using that x distance and converting 1300 km/h into m/s, I was able to compute the time.
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