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Can someone please proofread my NASA SHARP essay?

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    Due date: TOMORROW! 300 word limit

    There are optimists who believe that technology will make human immortality possible, even allowing humans to escape the universe once its collapse is inevitable. There are pessimists who believe that technology will lead to weapons that will wipe out human civilization. There is one common opinion shared by all however – that technology will inevitably change our civilization’s future.

    In the near future, improved technology will revolutionize our civilization. We may find solutions to many problems – the aging of the human body, the upcoming energy crisis, the loss of time through transportation, the resistance that flowing electrons encounter. “Quixotic” ideas such as quantum teleportation and anti-matter driven propulsion may yield tremendous potential. Bioengineering could provide more functions to the human body and increase human potential – merging the biological with the electronic. Civilization may also be no longer restricted to the Earth, as we may be able to establish colonies on other objects of our solar system. We may even discover a new scientific field, opening up new technological possibilities that we cannot comprehend today. Just before Einstein formulated the laws of relativity, who would have thought that time dilation and converting mass into energy were possible?

    In the far future, technology is imperative if we wish to survive longer than the Earth. While technology has almost destroyed human civilization, it may also provide the only means for the survival of civilization. The Sun will envelope into a red giant, destroying the Earth, and we will need to find a means of escape. Technology will provide us with the only means to escape Earth and to find another habitable solar system, or even establish our own environment. While we cannot violate the laws of physics, technology will enable us to push to the very limits of physics.
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    So what's the question/ topic you are responding to?
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    Oh, well, anyways, too late now.

    Prompt: In your view, how will science/tech/mathematics impact our future?
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    Hey, I just wanted to say good luck to the NASA SHARP program. I too, applied this year. I put a tremendous amount of work into my application, come april we will find out if we made it. (hopes to get in :smile: ) Anyway, my essay wasn't very good, but here it is in case you wanted to compare yours to another..


    Growing up as a type 1 insulin dependent diabetic, I have always relied on scientific innovations and technological advancements. A potentially life threatening virus attacked my pancreas when I was eleven years old, and it was the collaborative work of scientists, chemists, and doctors who were able to get me back on track. Since then, I have always been fascinated with the sciences through personal endeavors and global issues. Whether I am studying physics, chemistry, or biology, I am always attempting to understand our world a little better. I believe that a bright future will come as a result from positive scientific ingenuity and advances in technology. Whether we look towards medicine, transportation, or recreation, technology will always play a dominant role in the future of our society. I believe that we are able to live with a certain level of safety and comfort because of past scientists’ achievements, and we rely on a progressive future through more of the same. Annually, scientists are able to cure diseases, supply quicker and cheaper transportation, and predict destructive weather patterns before they strike. If it weren’t for the rigorous hours scientists spent in labs world wide, my life, as well as millions of others, could not have survived as easily and healthy as it has. I feel as though I owe a lot to the scientific community and I really enjoy the thrill of knowing that my work may possibly help others for years to come. Science will eventually influence just about every aspect of our society. Global communication has been made possible through the ideas of many. I believe that science and technology will continue to manifest towards uniting people from all over. I think that wireless communication will impact out society positively and allow for quicker transactions which could potentially save lives and help out society.

    Math is a very important aspect of both the sciences and new technology. Just about every idea that a physicist can conceive can be proven through math. Although math does not directly bring about new inventions or ideas, it is crucial in the development of all types of science. With the help of mathematics, science and technology will continue to stride forward and bring about world wide communication, comforts, and creativity.


    Well good luck and keep me posted if you find out any information, it would be cool if we both got in.
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    Best of luck, to both of you !! :approve:
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