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Can someone recommend books about QFT?

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    I want to read papers about the QCD and superstrings, which books are better to read firstly as an introduction.
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    Read QFT in a Nutshell of Anthony Zee...
    Or check out my journal for both free online courses, texts and links to peer reviewed articles on both QFT and strings...

    Check out the "info on the web entry"

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    Thanks, I search this book in our library but lended already. It's indeed a popular book.
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    A prior solid knowledge on QM is compulsory.
    Start with Bailin & Love,go through Peskin & Schroeder and then all three volumes of Weinberg should be enough.

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    The good thing about Brian Greene's elegant universe, is that beside for learning what you would like, QCD, QFT and string theory, his book will give you a great perception of the universe on also special and general relativity and a good understanding of how our universe works, It's a dam good book.
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    May I ask if you tackled the three Weinbergs on your own? Or as part of a course?
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