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Homework Help: Can someone solve this?

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    Hello everybody!How are you?I need some help on those problems to be solved.Can you help me please?

    1.There are 3 pictures-A goat and a fish.Which parts do you need to mix to create a mythical creature?On the third pic there is a Horse.What more should be aded to create a constellation that is again a mythical creature and it a symbol of poetry?

    2. A writer is finishing his fantasy book and he does not know how to continue.''By powering the most powerful engines the starship left the Earth Orbit and aimed his way.A man of the crew asked question 1-Aproximatly how far is Orion?Question 2-''How far are the Pleyades?''
    If you were there which variant would you advise the writer to choose in order to be scientificaly correct?

    3.When we look through a telescope it seems like we see with a gigantic eye which seems that its pupil is as big as the objective of the telescope and it collects much more light than our eye.Calculate aproximetly how less bright stars we could see if we look trough that telescope than the less bright stars we see with our normal eyes.The human pupil becomes 6 mm when in darkness.
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    WOW...so many people here that study astronomy and noone can solve this......pathetic :D
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    Jonathan Scott

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    As this looks like homework, you should post it in the one of the Homework forums (probably Introductory Physics), showing your working so far as explained in the rules.
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