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Homework Help: Can someone tell me if this is right ?

  1. Nov 30, 2004 #1
    can someone tell me if this is right plz?

    it says "solve the equation by first clearing the fractions." the equation is "2/5=5/8n-4" i got for my answer "1 1/25" is this correct?
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    Multiply by 5*8n or 40n to get a common denominator:

    2/5 = (5/8n) - 4
    2(8n) = 5(5) - 4(40n)
    16n = 25 - 160n
    176n = 25
    n = 25/176

    That's assuming I did my algebra correctly. :-) Also assuming you wrote out the project correctly (8n-4 isn't supposed to be in parenthesis, is it?).
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