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Can something dropped break the sound barrier?

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    Sooo i was wondering...
    Can something that has been dropped from a higj enough hight eventually break the sound barrier. Well, since we know that the gravitational acceleration is approximately 10 m/s^2 and that the speed of sound is approximately 330 m/s i pluged it into the acceleration formula:

    t=33 s

    So that told me that something has to fall 33 s to reach the speed of sound. Now that i know that it needs 33 s im going to plug it into this formula:


    So i think i calculated the hight from which something has to be dropped to reach the speed of sound but i need you guys to tell me iff this is actually correct. Sooo if you have time please answer ;)
    ps. english is not my native language so please excuse my ridiculously bad grammar.
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    Ohh, thanks i didnt know that, but could my calculations be close or at least partially correct.
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