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Can sound anesthetize humans?

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    I would like to know whether it is possible to cause a person to enter deep sleep (state as an anesthetic by drugs) by using a specific voice or sound ...
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    Why do you imagine this might be possible?
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    No, I don't believe sound alone can achieve that.
    Do you have something specific in mind?

    We can seem to achieve this using hypnosis, e.g., with the snap of his fingers a hypnotherapist can send his patient into an insensitive anaesthetised state. But be aware that this impressive feat can be achieved only after many dozens of hours of hypnotherapy to bring the patient to this mastery of his body, and to implant the trigger signal.

    Chemical anaesthetics are now so effective and relatively safe that they have pushed hypnoanaesthesia into the category of little more than a curiosity. But there remains a potential contribution it could make in pain management, particularly where a patient must undergo regular painful procedures that could justify the time invested in learning hypnoanaesthesia, cases such as daily dressing changes on burns victims or people with a genetic fragile skin disorder, or children requiring multiple injections or blood sampling over the course of every day.
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    This worked for me. It's over 7 minutes long but I wasn't able to stay awake for it all.

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