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Can spin fluctuations explain superconductivity?

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    Can spin fluctuations explain superconductivity?

    Hawrylak and colleagues use a magnetic field to tune their quantum dot so that the spins of electrons hopping onto or off it must be aligned up or down. This is just the kind of gate mechanism that a spintronic transistor demands - it turns the current through the dot 'on' or 'off', according to the electrons' spins.


    If we are looking for a gravity free environment, how would we measure this? I joined in speculation, Probe B, with work of http://wc0.worldcrossing.com/WebX?14@193.DdbYbtiZ42i.5@.1dde61a1/4[/URL] .

    With Kaluza and Klein as a fifth dimensional result, could we use it to understand climatology in a different way( the gravitational results I mean)

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