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Can the mind out think Reality?

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    Why did you post it in the quantum physics forum ?

    No offense : I always liked this puzzle. But it should go somewhere else in my opinion :shy:
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    woah that was pretty fun
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    The smallest of devation away from "true", can result in a false input of information observed (big-gap-missing observation).

    Observation is what we rely on for perception of reality, but if you think observation has no baring on Quantum Physics, so be it, end of disscussion.
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    Tom Mattson

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    Very clever, but it ain't quantum physics. Off to Math with ye!
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    I see your point Olias. Not straightforward to me :shy:
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    How does that work-- i had to find alternate version-- the link u sent didn't work for me
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    matt grime

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    Thiss seems to come up once every two months or so.

    look at the two smaller triangles, do actually think they are similar, which they'd need to be for this paradox to actually be a paradox
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    Hint: Take a screen shot, open it in paint, and move one triangle over the other. (try moving each on top of the other) :thumbs_up
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