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Can the Predators invis work?

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    is the idea of bending light so percisely possible? It's wierd but if you put your finger about 6 inches from your eye and close the other eye...focus on something byond the finger, you will see the image distort a little at the edge of your finger because the light is slightly bending around your finger (and around every edge). So is it possible to bend the light further so that you see right through the finger? If so what sort of technology would you think we would use? Is there something we know of that bends light even more extremely because of its properties?
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    A mirror allows you to see the stuff that your finger is blocking

    More seriously though, the light that is bent completely around ur finger would be distorted just as the light is distorted that is slightly bent.

    I think your question was implying bending light to extremes, such as around buildings and such. This seems unlikely, I might be wrong, but any practicle use seems likely to be outweighed by the alternative, i.e. walking around the building.
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