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Can the Properties of Existence be used to Derive Physical Laws?

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    There are two basic types of existence:
    (1.) Abstract existence
    (2.) Non-abstract or physical existence.
    Ideas exist abstractly, but material objects exist physically. One of the easiest tests to determine whether or not an entity is abstract is to ask whether or not it is subject to gravity. If an object is subject to gravity, it is physical otherwise it is abstract. For example, the number 1 is an abstract concept. The number 1 is not subject to gravity. Also, happiness is an abstract concept and happiness is not subject to gravity. On the other hand, light is subject to gravity and is physical. Also, common objects like food, houses, people, etc. are all subject to gravity and are physical.
    Now, if we consider what properties distinguish abstract and nonabstract existence, we might be able to come up with some general laws that govern the universe (and multiverse). This was an idea I explored in detail in the article listed at the end of this post. Basically, I was able to show that the basic properties of existence imply that physical space is network of linked perceptions and that this network of linked perceptions can be represented as a certain type of scalar field (more specifically, as a self-scalar field).
    Now the question is, can one proceed even further and use the properties of existence to derive known physical laws like electromagnetism, gravitation, and quantum mechanics? If so, how would one do this? I invite your thoughts and questions on this topic.
    Reference: For more information, see this article:
    T.A. Manz, "Founding Principles of Space Mixing Theory",
    Journal of Space Mixing 1 (2003) 1-17.
    http://www.space-mixing-theory.com/abstract1.htm (The abstract)
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