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Can the readings of a field meter be effected by non magnetic/non electrical objects ?

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    hello everyone , i am clueless about electrical engineering and want to ask something

    this meter is based on orgone energy .. which is not accepted by science currently

    i want to ask is this meter fake ? then how is it able to get those different readings( which looks precise ) for different objects ? and change when a hand/water/plastic is placed near it ?

    is getting readings like this in any type of field meter possible by currently accepted scientific principles ?

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    Welcome to the Physics Forums.

    If might react to capacitance of a body in proximity. It might be looking at dielctric losses, rather than straightforward capacitance.
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    The Heliognosis model LM4, “Experimental Life Energy Meter”, includes a built in small flat plate electrode, 4 "AA" batteries, external tube electrode, and users manual including examples. Price: US$379.95

    NascentOxygen is correct. The presence of the “flat plate electrode” identifies a capacitive interface.

    The presence of an LM4 meter demonstrates gullibility and a loss of US$380.
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    This is a capacitance meter. Nothing mysterious.

    We cannot discuss pseudoscience here, so I am going to close the thread. But since the answer is so clear I will leave it visible rather than deleting it.
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