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Can there be a small bang?

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    I am not a physicist or science person at all and my education after high school has been in arts, so excuse me if it is a stupid question:

    If universe exists in its shape as we know because of big bang, then is it possible that in all events of bangs, no matters how small they are like bomb blast or even lighting a match stick, there is a nano scale of universe created and ended in nano seconds? If not, then why? After all all bangs should follow the same laws of physics.
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    When the Big Bang occurred our spacetime was created and started to expand. It's not like an explosion in that sense. We don't know what existed before it only what followed.

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    In other words, the "bang" in "Big Bang" is not actually anything like a bang, and just a colourful, if rather misleading, way of describing a rather unique and complex process.
    It's no more an explosion than the "evening star" is an actual star or a black hole an actual hole.
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    The big bang was not an explosion at all, it was a gravitational singularity, the name is frequently deceptive, and the prevalent TV programs that numerous individuals watch surely don't help by delineating it as some white spot in space that exploded into an universe. The big bang did not happen at a particular point, it happened everywhere, there is no space outside of the universe that it is expanding into.

    In a real explosion, particles fly outward from the source of the explosion, where as in the case of the big bang the space between any two points itself is literally expanding,

    The singularity is when the (scalar) curvature of space-time diverges to infinity, and geodesics/world-lines end
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    The term "big bang" was invented as a totally derisory term used to describe a phenomenon which the inventor did not believe in, but which turned out to be reality (although NOT a "bang" as has already been pointed out) despite his disbelief. Another good example of how the universe really doesn't care what we think, it just does what it does.
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