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Can this be possible

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    Fart = v2

    Fart = Fg

    Therefore, Fg = v2

    Fg = weight

    Fg = may

    v2y = may

    v = square root of ma

    v = at

    square root of ma = at

    the a's cancel out and I'm left with square root m = t

    m=mass , t=time , Fg=force of gravity , v=velocity , y=yaxis , ar=air resistance , art=air resistance at terminal velocity , a=acceleration

    This is obviously wrong, but what makes it so? As long as it is at terminal velocity and at y axis, in other words, uniform motion, there is obviously no way to come to terms with a relationship between mass and time, right?
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    You lost me at the first line.

    Are you stating that the force from the air resistance on an object is equal to its velocity squared? Where did you get this relationship from?
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    force of air resistance at terminal velocity
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    According to who or what law? Do you have a reference or a source for this equation?
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    This is a gag thread, right? We don't generally deal with the dynamics of farts here.
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    This is probably completly unrlated but did I see somewhere distance being the squarroot of time?
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    In order for the first relationship to hold you need to throw in a proportionality constant with the correct units to make that a consistent statement. Force does not have the same units as velocity squared so something is missing.
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