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Can u help me ?

  1. May 11, 2009 #1
    plz can u help me ???

    IN Windows environment :
    1- what is the max. no. of partitions that can be made ?
    2- why always the color of any folder is yellow ?
    3- what is the max. length of the name of the folder ?
    4- why there is no partition named B ?
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    Re: plz can u help me ???

    1- You can make a lot of partitions. I would google the specific number.

    2- You can change the graphics for any files or folders through properties. It's probably yellow to start with to resemble a manila folder in real life.

    3- Try typing numbers until it stops letting you and count =) It's not that big, so this actually works.

    4- Sunil, at Yahoo Answers India says,
    "Letters A and B are reserved for Floppy Drives. C to Z are reserved for Hard Disks, CD, DVD, TAPE and Other Magnetic Drives and Disks."
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    Re: plz can u help me ???

    3. If you want to have a challenge, You could make a loop which uses directory creation system call of Windows, and extend directory name string in every iteration until you get an exception.
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