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Can vacuum behave like wave?

  1. Mar 30, 2006 #1
    I am just thinking haw does the vacuum work, and come out a wired question.

    Q:Can vacuum behave like wave?

    I have no answer to these statement, but I find out this idea may fit in some consept, quite interesting.

    >>>Speed of c is constant that limited to behavior of vacuum itself.

    >>>Mass suppose to be measure in terms of momentum, (in fact, it can be, I think) if vacuum behave like waves, maybe the momentum is refer to this wave. The mass is someting like oscillating factors due to the wave, the more the oscillating factors, the more the mass. When the mass move faster, and so the oscillating factors. While the photon also have oscillating factors, so it may fit E=hf.

    >>>I wonder if the vibrating factors can visualise how the force field work. (electromagnetic,strong,weak,gravity)

    At the first time I thought I might find some new discovery, but after that, I find out it is got to be fetal.

    But anyway, anyone who is interested in these statement?
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