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Can We Cool, Without Increasing Warming?

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    This has to do with global warming, and a new solution to cooling buildings in Toronto. I read today where the near freezing water from the bottom of Lake Ontario will be channeled into large buildings in Toronto to cool them, thereby decreasing the need for traditional, air conditioning, and a decrease in CO2 emissions, and etc.

    This sounded great, but they are still warming the world, and then maybe Lake Ontario as well. I presume the water will go back into the lake on the top or the heat will rise to the top, but will they alter the temperature of the lake by this means and cause algin overgrowth, or change the bottom environment on the lake to the extent that negative things occur? The lake is large, but that freezing core of it has surely something that it supports. Here is the article.

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    I don't think the amount of heat being contributed by the buildings will be enought to have any practical effect.
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    I was thinking inversely, I guess, what about increased heat in the lake, from loss of cold water layer in the bottom.
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    The heat from the buildings whether released directly into the water or into the air, will still try and find equilibrium, so the water of the lake will either absorb heat from the incoming water or from the passing air. The overall result should be pretty much the same (the passing air will be a tiny bit cooler, the returning water a tiny bit warmer).
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