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Homework Help: Can we do this with greater than sign

  1. Jan 17, 2005 #1
    Can we do this with "greater than" sign

    If [tex](2x-9)(x+3)\geq0[/tex] then can we say [tex](2x-9)\geq0[/tex] and [tex](x+3)\geq0[/tex] and solve them seperately ? I am not sure if i can do this because of the [tex]\geq[/tex] sign.

    Hmm wrong section. Actually this is part of my homework anyway. :biggrin:
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    Yeah you can do that because you are dividing both sides by the binomials and 0/ by anything equals 0.
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    The product will also be positive if both factors are negative.
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    this is part of the solution only....
    could both values inside the bracket be negative?
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    Thx a lot all and thx again for the hint.
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