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Can we include a LaTeX package?

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    How hard would it be to include another LaTeX package?

    It would be nice to have a LaTeX package that allows for easy typesetting of arrow diagrams... ASCII art is ugly, and it's messy to do even simple diagrams with what we have...

    Hopefully matt grime will suggest a package and where you could get it.
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    Are you referring to arrow diagrams such as:

    --> a --> b --> c

    If so, this is part of the basic AMS math package, which is standard in any LaTeX distribution (as far as I know).

    http://www.devel.lyx.org/~rae/www-user/help/symbols/ams-arrows.gif [Broken]

    If the AMS package could be included every rendering, you could certainly use these arrows.

    Edit: Hey, it already works!

    [tex]\int x^2 dx \rightarrow \frac{1}{3}x^3[/tex]
    etc. etc.
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    As graphic7 noted, AMS is already included. It is not difficult to include additional packages at all.

    - Warren
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    I was looking for some more complicated things... for instance, look here

    One simple one I wanted was:

    [tex]1 \stackrel{\mathrm{true}}{\overrightarrow{\quad \qquad}} \Omega[/tex]

    A more complicated example was:

    Code (Text):

    1 --> N --> N
    |     |     |
    V     V     V
    1 --> X --> X
    (Where I would have liked labels on each arrow too)
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    matt grime

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    'The' package is xypic, but this can be difficult to learn. A simpler one is Paul Taylor's diagrams package. All latex packages are at ctan.org. AMS latex stuff does have limited se to typset some diagrams.
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