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Can we stop rain?

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    Can we stop raining using any artificial meathods?
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    Why would one wish to stop raining?
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    There are also special mechanical devices capable of this amazing feat:

    http://www.umbrellas.com/" [Broken]
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    well jambaugh you fooled me i got all excited about some kind of mechanical cloud shifter...:approve:

    well it may seem like a convenience to no longer have rain but its part of the earths cycle we wouldnt be here without rain and any interference, be it with dams or ...?? rain blocking..??. would disturb everything and i think we have enough problems already.
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    LOL, Gotchya! :wink:
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    I think it will be a blessing if we can stop rain during cricket matches and olympic games....:biggrin:
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    Good for Shuttle launches and returns, too.
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    We wouldn't stop rain all the time, just during the days of big events. Of course we need some rain.
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    Regular consistent rain would be handy. Its these devastating floods and long running droughts that are problematic.
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    what kind of destructive question is this now..?? I mean it is appreciable if the rain is worthy to cause floods...

    well, build more factories...cut down the forests... make more automobile pollution..and build more wind mills that can redirect the monsoons at the place and thereby prevents rainfall...
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    Wouldn't it be ideal to check the weather and then adjust the stadium that the cricket match and Olympic games so that they can continue? In door stadiums were used in Beijing except for one of the Volley Ball matches, but some other Volley Ball matches were played in indoor stadiums.

    We can stop rain from hitting us but we can't stop the rain from falling. Although what jambaugh posted was quite funny. I heard China was conducting tests to manipulate the weather or was that a dream I was having?
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    It is to some extent possible to prevent from falling over a certain area by "seeding" the clouds somewhere else (using aircraft to "bomb" the clouds with small particles).
    It is an expensive method but it is used from time to time; the most well-known examples being the opening ceremonies of the summer olympics in Moscow 1984 and more recently in China.
    Experiments have also been conducted in many other countries.

    Note that this is a controversial methods and it won't work 100% of the time.
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    I've heard of a technique where they put dry ice into the clouds to cool it down and make it rain, so this could prevent it from raining on a particular place at a particular time, although it would still have to rain somewhere.
    Moscow was in 1980. Los Angeles was 1984.
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